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Become a Warrior: Welcome


"When all seemed lost, St. Michael swept down

with a legion of angels & the victory was instantly gained."

- Vision Received by

Blessed Anne Catherine Emerich

on September 29, 1820


  • Must either be a baptized Catholic, in the process of becoming Catholic, OR a committed Christian who is able to participate in Catholic gatherings and events with a high degree of respect for your fellow Warriors & for the Catholic Church

  • Must strive to live out the moral precepts taught by Jesus and the Church

  • Must value growth in holiness more than personal comfort

  • Must be willing to grow in your ability to spread the love of Jesus to others through your thoughts, words, and deeds

  • Must commit to the 


     which is a short list of broad requirements of prayer and sacrifice that you can tailor to your state in life which take as little as a few minutes per day

  • Must commit to having TWO significant, transparent, and Christ-centered conversations with a brother in Christ per month. We also invite you to strongly consider forming a Warrior Squad small group which consists of 4-6 biological men who meet at least once per month for 1-2 hours for a time of prayer and encouragement. For more information on these groups, read the 


  • Must commit to attending 'The Armory' monthly large group meeting as often as you are able. To do a 'come & see' visit to one of the Christ the King Parish 'Armory' meetings in Ann Arbor, check out our 



Once you meet the eligibility requirements, there are 2 routes on the 'Warrior Pathway'



If you are aware of other Warrior Squad small groups in your area, begin by inquiring if they would prayerfully consider adding you as a member. If the Squad Leader agrees to discern it, they may invite you on a 'Come & See' visit in which you either attend the group's monthly meeting or an alternate prayer/social gathering with the group. Then, the group will enter into a 1-2 week time of discernment asking the Lord to confirm if he may be inviting you to join that group, or if they get a sense that you are called to be a leader of a new Squad.



​​If you are starting a new Warrior Squad small group in an area where no Squads currently exist, where there are no open spots in existing groups, or if you simply feel called to do so, you can be considered to become a Warrior Squad Leader to start your own group. If you are interested in this, simply register your new group by filling out our contact form below with a list of the names & emails of each Squad member. Once received, Warriors of St. Michael will strive to develop & provide resources, retreat opportunities, & periodic ongoing training & support to the best of our ability. 

*NOTE #1*

Although you can register your group via email, your official 'enlistment date' is the date that you publicly sign the Warrior's Creed at a monthly large group 'Armory' meeting. It is important to make this commitment in the presence of brothers so that all of the Warriors can celebrate & congratulate you on this milestone in your faith journey.

*NOTE #2*

We do not permit starting stand-alone Squads in a given region or parish without the intention of starting your own WSM chapter. It will take trust in the Holy Spirit to help you invite other men into the mission by hosting your own monthly large group ‘Armory’ meeting. But you will have our prayers & support every step of the way. A member of our team will even come free of charge to lead an evening event or day retreat to help lay the foundation for your chapter!

Become a Warrior: News
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